Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blaq Poet + Premo!

If you have *any* love for classic hip hop, you need to get "The Blaqprint".

The past few years I had a feeling DJ Premier fell a bit off track with too many synthy tunes and annoyingly plastic beats. But maybe that was mostly production work for others that needed idiot club bangers to sell something.

This album is something else...masterpiece, almost. Blaq Poet holds his own - highly recommended!

The Old Mill

Back at work, back at cleaning, cooking, negotiating kids, worrying and scurrying.
But also great work, fun family moments, and stronger sense of achievement and content. Amazing what my holidays did for me this time - I need to channel some of this energy into good habits before apathy has a chance to get even!

Want to start diving, making music, be more physically active, and cultivate entrepreneurial plans. So, do I start all 4 of these - or go step by step. It seems that, as always, money becomes the issue.
Perhaps I should just focus on making more money then. Nah...that doesn't necessarily pull the other 4 along. And besides, a good friend of my own age fell off his office chair with a heart attack in January. He was a real achiever...ultimately of brain damage and a disability pension.

I hereby announce that I will start one of those 4 within the next week. (do I really believe this?)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Mali Kosi

Photosynth is good...within its own limits. There were 6-7 other very similar images that it did not catch properly, but placed in their own synths. Annoying...and I don't see how I can affect that ordering manually to get it all into one heap.

A couple of tries later and it manages to catch them all save one. Much better :)