Sunday, July 11, 2010

From English til dansk

Bloggen har været øde af mange forskellige årsager. Primært, tror jeg, pga. FB og Twitters indtog. Der er for mange kanaler at sprede tingene imellem.

Men af og til mangler man et større format. Så nu skifter jeg til dansk og ser om det hjælper. Forhåbentlig vil jeg huske at smide lidt flere faglige ting på. Ting som jeg i øjeblikket når at danne mig en mening om, men kun retweeter udad. Kunne være rart at kommentere på de ting lidt dybere, nevermind the audience.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Blaq Poet + Premo!

If you have *any* love for classic hip hop, you need to get "The Blaqprint".

The past few years I had a feeling DJ Premier fell a bit off track with too many synthy tunes and annoyingly plastic beats. But maybe that was mostly production work for others that needed idiot club bangers to sell something.

This album is something else...masterpiece, almost. Blaq Poet holds his own - highly recommended!

The Old Mill

Back at work, back at cleaning, cooking, negotiating kids, worrying and scurrying.
But also great work, fun family moments, and stronger sense of achievement and content. Amazing what my holidays did for me this time - I need to channel some of this energy into good habits before apathy has a chance to get even!

Want to start diving, making music, be more physically active, and cultivate entrepreneurial plans. So, do I start all 4 of these - or go step by step. It seems that, as always, money becomes the issue.
Perhaps I should just focus on making more money then. Nah...that doesn't necessarily pull the other 4 along. And besides, a good friend of my own age fell off his office chair with a heart attack in January. He was a real achiever...ultimately of brain damage and a disability pension.

I hereby announce that I will start one of those 4 within the next week. (do I really believe this?)

Monday, August 03, 2009

Mali Kosi

Photosynth is good...within its own limits. There were 6-7 other very similar images that it did not catch properly, but placed in their own synths. Annoying...and I don't see how I can affect that ordering manually to get it all into one heap.

A couple of tries later and it manages to catch them all save one. Much better :)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A clean approach

I should highlight the NorthernLight search project - a way of avoiding the ever more cluttered findings of Google.
Every time I search for specialised data (that might be the slightest bit ambiguous), the first 10 results are commercial ads. While Google might be king amongst consumers, it's dropping the towel for research purposes, casual or professional.

Go instead to, NorthernLight's online search initiative.
While it may not look simple or neat, it gets the job done in a variety of ways. And it avoids news sources that are purely commercial in nature. How it deals with the anamorphic category of "blogs" remains to be seen.

A truly great thing: through registration, you get to set up and save searches. These may in turn be triggered as alerts, ie. run at given intervals. This alert may be subscribed to as an RSS feed. This way, using more or less advanced search strings, you can actually create your own news feeds. I just created one for ""Virtual reality" and 3D", for instance.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Living it up at the Lennox Lea Hotel in Manchester, a quaint manor-like place ideal for couching off yesterday's massive puddings and todays hefty curries. I am physically stuffed and mentally strained after 2 days of VR-related concepts and tutoring sessions. Great trip but I feel that at least another day could have been useful.
Nice city and so very nice to get away from Aarhus for a bit!

Monday, April 27, 2009 is that

Just got to be an associated editor for the industry website, which is nice - I am thinking it is good to get involved across networks as well as deep into them. We might officially be using VR at Vestas, but really there might only be 3 or 4 people that have an informed opinion of the field as such. The rest are users and to them the tools are (or need to be) transparent. Means to an end.

Now I am wondering what I am supposed to be editing. I was an editor back in the days at my college. Not sure why journalism didn't catch on for me back then. I think there weren't many issues to write it got all wacky. Which was great fun while it lasted, but unambitious and not captivating in the long run. Not in a career sense, anyway.

Nowadays, there's stuff that I finally feel I KNOW something about and which might be worth the effort to put out. I just have to watch my step as far as NDA agreements go. I would like to tell it all, but the company has fairly hard policies on all that, at least when it comes to blatant namedropping. A bit out of tune media-wise, methinks, but then again I know very little about all the legal crap that Vestas has to enforce to protect the brand from parasites.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bad rhetoric

Whether you agree with his general political stance or not, you have to give props to Rune Engelbreth Larsen when he dissects the political rhetoric of the Danish right. He knows his Cicero! I have the same views on the utterances of the Danish far right as he puts forth.

My beef is not necessarily with the actual values or belief systems, because these have a broader representation in the population. They need a wider contextual analysis to be understood. But the way the Danish People's Party knowingly misrepresent facts by populist rhetorical trickery, is what really annoys me. I find it so dishonest and wicked. Actually, I find it much worse than petty racism, like yelling "Nigga!" at some black person. Because that populist rhetoric is designed to get others to do the yelling. It's like a dumb racist street thug compared to the evil ambition of Hitler.

On a brighter note, spring has hit Denmark and I have a couple of days off from work and kids. Coming up 12.30 pm and I'm still wearing my bath robe. Nice. A couple of hours of domestic chores and then off to enjoy the weather, some beer, and not least the Champion's League.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am frequently annoyed by my own tendency to start small projects and hobbies and never really GET there.

I remember collecting stamps, coins. 2 weeks and then I lost interest.
I remember playing drums, flute, trombone, clarinet. A few weeks/months and then I lost interest.
I remember dabbling with photography. 2 weeks and out...never long enough to actually go buy gear that would make all the difference.
I love skiing, scuba diving, soccer, swimming, board games, etc., but never enough to become obsessed. And never enough to become really good at it, I guess.
I started painting. I liked it a lot, although it was no easy ride. Half-assed the terrible result hangs in the shed.

Right now, I am working with vector graphics to make some sort of T-shirt concept for my friend's music venue come late summer. I have a nice sketch, and I've made some neat effects...but I never seem to reach the point where it comes together for me. I suspect because my skills, although maybe better than average, are still relatively half-assed. Bloody annoying because all the concepts are in my head. The practical building is just not appealing enough to ever let me finish.

I know I am a terrible perfectionist, which might be why I hate half-assed stuff, which in turn leads me to abandon those half-assed projects, which in turn forces me into new domains of half-assed-ness. I'm a half-ass on the run, forever chasing my half-assed shadow.

This might sound depressing, but it's not really meant that way. I probably have quite broad domain knowledge because of this quirk. I am coming to terms with the fact that I am more conceptually oriented than action-minded. It has taken a bit of introspection to accept that, because actions are generally perceived the winner. Even if they are only half-assed.

Here's to concepts, ideas, and visions. Fully drawn potentials...nothing half-assed about those..! =)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Me must learn EVERYTHING

It's all accessible here. Impressive collection.

I caught myself daydreaming about somehow taking a full month off from work, migrating to a wifi-connected cave in Bhutan, and just studying all the links intensively. Then I would emerge as an encyclopedic demigod...a true renaissance man.
Of course, that will never one point I would likely hit some massive equations of quantum mechanics and start gnawing my limbs off.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A bird in the hand... worth more than a Bush.

Gave in and bought a ticket for the (very likely) only appearance Ice Cube will ever make in Jutland. Expensive it was...and I was pretty pissed off at the pricing. So much, I actually wrote a complaint to the venue. They fired back with sound arguments about the small size of the establishment (Train), and thus higher ticket prices...but also a hopefully uniquely intimate atmosphere.

So, it will be interesting. Cube was my big hero back in 90-93, along with Gangstarr. His later stuff has been mediocre, to say the least. No soul, no funk...just synthetic loops and monotone club bangers. The regularly highlighted tracks, anyway. I'll admit I haven't really heard a full album since Lethal Injection. Hah, that came out 16 years ago! Crappit, I feel ancient.

My all time favourite will always be Death Certificate, however. A masterpiece of it's time...mixing just about all perspectives on black society, gang life, and US problems that one could imagine. And even managing a bit of introspection and self-criticism. Crossing my fingers for a LOT of pre-93 stuff...

Gig was very good, with hints of excellence and a few pinches of wackness. Much too little pre-Predator material. Actually, only one NWA track (F.T.P., of course) and then "Natural Born Killaz". So, Cube's arguably two best albums were entirely lost to the set, save for some lame excerpts thrown together by the DJ at one point. Cube also left the stage for almost 30 minutes while WC pushed (admittedly good) material. But it doesn't count, when the show doesn't add that time in the end. Cube's club bangers held surprisingly well and the last 20 minutes were epic - but the concert needed 3 more tracks to be considered a great play, price and cheery atmos considered.
I am bitching too much since it was a great evening and Cube was in a great mood. Hard but happy and humourous. I just really needed those classics, man?