Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Outlands Spanish Project Management Child

A "short" status would be in order. The past weeks have been full of action. Mainly, the World of Warcraft expansion pack was released and I'm questing happily along with my guild mates in the Outlands. Always fun!

Other than that, I'm attending a 6 week course on project management - as defined and documented by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It's a crash course so I'm not getting any formal PMI certificate...but I will receive a limited course certificate.
It's great to get out of the flat and meet some new people with real experiences and different views on life, business, and not least unemployment :P

The course is quite good. Through my education I was always taught how to criticize the formal tools that this course hands you. The "new" project paradigm was preferred as the academic default. This course, however, gives me a much more exact picture of the tools, schemata, and procedures that are the foundation of that same critique. So, I'm learning project management backwards, one might say. It's good because I feel much more conscious about what methods fit which situations and projects. And why much of the "new" critique is well-aimed, providing you're acting within a modern and flexible organization.

Yesterday, I started attending a Spanish course - I figured that learning another language might be sensible before I succumb to mild Alzheimer's. 'Twas good fun and my few experiences in Spain with the company helped nicely as far as translation and "feel" was concerned.
I have to admit, that the "learning-by-heart" aspect of any language start-up is something I have to get used to again. That's a part of my brain that has been suspended for a long time...and now it's getting bashed in by two courses at once!

As a final but powerful note, we're expecting our second child sometime during the fall - actually, my girlfriend figured out the date to be the exact same as Thor's birthday - freaky. I am not exactly fully aware of the fact yet...life goes on...and the excited thrills and fears of our debut haven't appeared this time. But gradually we are adjusting and the next goal is to find a better place to live. We're sick of this flat by now...and it will be too small for 4 people anyway.
If only some certainty could be introduced through my getting a job, for instance...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Modern music repository

I accidentally found this place, Deephouse, while doing a bit of research on techno pioneer Jeff Mills.

It's a repository for a lot of mix shows and DJ performances in the US - as far back as the mid-80's. Right now, I'm listening to an 85/86 show from Detroit. The sound quality isn't exactly great - but adds to the atmosphere somehow.

This is really great. It's quite difficult to find live DJ performances - gradually getting easier through the internet, of course.

Sadly, Deephouse is a bit contaminated with Realplayer formats...but I've managed to kill all the malicious sub-processes of my Realplayer, so I'm pretty ok with the *.ram downloads, actually. =)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007, w00t!

Things are almost back to normal following the Christmas and New Year's shenanigans. I'm suffering the usual 2nd day hangover. No actual pain, but my eyes don't move too fast and I frequently stare at things, trying to recall what the hell I was just doing.

Holidays were good. We celebrated Christmas in our summer house in Southern Jutland. My Dad, unexpectedly, chose to participate (he hates this season) and he invested in 3 semi-pro light chains to decorate the house. The result instantly reminded me of some of the happier bars and restaurants in Bangkok. We only needed a proper karaoke system but a few German Christmas game shows turned out to be adequate replacements.

Santa's Den of Sin

New Year's Eve took place in Aarhus at a friend's flat. I brought the light chains for that venue...great night with old friends. We even popped out for a bit of night life. Of course, I got hammered and had to stagger home in a wet gale, at one point guiding and helping a young lad find his mate's flat. A real good deed so early in the new year.