Thursday, September 27, 2007

Read it and weep...joyfully

If I were to be asked which people I am really really a fan of, I suspect I would be hard-pressed to answer...either I might find too many candidates, thus diluting the point of mentioning them. Or I might claim that I am not that big a fan of anyone in particular.

However, this guy comes close - and now he has started blogging!

Hint: All people that claim to recognise depth, humour, and intelligence should be like this -> \o/

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today I learned that a good friend of mine, Morten Lindholm, recently passed away - apparently due to brain cancer.
Although we were not all that close, we always had time to stop and chat - and give each other updates on life and mutual acquaintances. We were classmates at university since 1996.
As late as Friday, 3 weeks ago, I thought of him during the 25th anniversary gathering of IMV. Wondered why he wasn't there, actually - since I knew that he still worked on campus.
I feel quite sad. I always thought he was one of the nicest people I knew during my university studies and work.

This coincides with another recent tragedy where one of my Roskilde festival buddies' 7-year-old son also died from some kind of brain tumour. Makes you feel way too fragile.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WTF are LOLcats?

I've just researched the term, having heard or read it several times without really getting it.
Halfway through the Wiki explanation, I still didn't get it.

What the hell is so special and hilarious about digital pictures with subtitles? This stuff has been going on for the past decade; we did similar stuff back in '96-'97 at Uni. Yet, the web pop culture seems so (im)mature now that it only takes one funny caption, allowing for replication and customization - and then everyone goes ape shit, invents new terms, entire fandom websites, not to mention taking up space in otherwise respectable news media.

You've got to hand it to American pop culture - they really know how to arouse each other when they're bored. That's probably how cheerleading and professional wrestling was invented.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New developments

On Monday, September 10th, my daughter was born - a big kicker at 4900 grams.
She's, of course, adorable - and very mild-mannered so far. Nevertheless, she does get a bit grumpy when deprived of pacifiers of any sort. :)

There has been so much to do and get in order that I am still fairly knackered - but I'll try to put up some better descriptions soon, along with some photos.
I'm on a short 2-week paternal leave, yet I feel as stressed out as ever!

Here's a couple of shots. Thor is overjoyed as you might suspect from his expression.
And then there is me, at post-op (we had a caesarian). Cute, but I dread the huge turd underneath that hair cap of mine. It sure gives Donald Trump a run for his money.