Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007, w00t!

Things are almost back to normal following the Christmas and New Year's shenanigans. I'm suffering the usual 2nd day hangover. No actual pain, but my eyes don't move too fast and I frequently stare at things, trying to recall what the hell I was just doing.

Holidays were good. We celebrated Christmas in our summer house in Southern Jutland. My Dad, unexpectedly, chose to participate (he hates this season) and he invested in 3 semi-pro light chains to decorate the house. The result instantly reminded me of some of the happier bars and restaurants in Bangkok. We only needed a proper karaoke system but a few German Christmas game shows turned out to be adequate replacements.

Santa's Den of Sin

New Year's Eve took place in Aarhus at a friend's flat. I brought the light chains for that venue...great night with old friends. We even popped out for a bit of night life. Of course, I got hammered and had to stagger home in a wet gale, at one point guiding and helping a young lad find his mate's flat. A real good deed so early in the new year.

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