Saturday, March 15, 2008

And the verdict?

Clinton or Obama?

I have been trying to follow the news on this one - I am hard pressed to decide, I'll admit. I seem to have a strictly rational half of the brain that opts for Clinton because of her "seasoning" as a Washington manipulator. And the other brain half, emotionally seduced, wants to see more Obama speeches and visionary statements.

The optimal solution really would be a team - Obama as a puppet president gathering the masses and leading the sheep, while Clinton substitutes Cheney as the Dark Eminence, doing the hardline negotiations in the congressional back alleys.

I think I lean towards Obama - if only for the fact that he represents some kind of innovation...which Clinton clearly does not.


Anonymous said...

Check Larry Lessig's grund til at være for Obama:

Rasmus said...

Høj klasse.