Friday, August 01, 2008

Summer buzz

Roskilde was a blast, as always. My brother came along this time - a spectacular comeback after 11 years in hiding.
Musically, I didn't hear as much as I hoped, but highlights were Mugison, Girl Talk, La Kinky Beat, Solomon Burke, Radiohead, and susprisingly Slayer (I didn't hear it all of it, but half of it wasn't half bad...)

Recently returned from 2 weeks of holidaying, which were like a drop in the desert. Had a blast in rural Sweden, where my uncle has his summer residence. Swimming in a forest lake, picking berries, dazing in the sun, and I even got to go boar-hunting.

Recently, I also acquired an Ipod Touch...which I am already well into hacking. The design of this thing is amazing. I'll hand that to Apple - even if I usually dislike the smart-ass snobbiness they radiate.

My next big thing is preparing for a short festival in late August where I need to do some DJ-ing. Very anxcious about this...I've been shortlisting tracks for months now. I need to start selecting soon...

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