Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Just stuff

Had a great weekend in Copenhagen where I attended a party and met up with 4-5 of my very old friends from Uni. Everyone more or less looked the same, so it was a great trip down memory lane, although we were mostly busy updating each other with our latest personal and career developments.

The next day wasn't worth any ink at all.

Sunday I met up with my brother, uncle and cousin. The latter is off to Uruguay for a month, which is precisely where I would like to be right now. Stressful deadlines and heavy workloads aren't exactly well countered by shitty, cold weather and a moisture that permeates everything. Almost can't wait till it starts to freeze properly....all this wetness is getting on my nerves.

No new links of interest this time. I'm well into Stephenson's Quicksilver, and it's a damned pleasure. Never thought 16th century England could be so well presented without becoming painfully dull. Even though descriptions are heavy, he always returns to the plot(s) in the nick of time. Also, there's a nice measure of humor mixed in - of noteworthy mention is the characterization of a fashion-manical English lord and the way prancing about is the main pastime for most nobles of the time.

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