Saturday, November 27, 2004

C'est incredible..?

Pardon my french, but this CG film ("The Incredibles") is maximum entertainment for your hard earned bucks. Saw it the other night with the lads from work. Pixar are so cool and this flick is right up there with their greatest. Funny as hell and with the ever-cool theme of superheroism.

As a friend noted, it has some of the same charm and stylings as "The Iron Giant", Brad Bird being the director. Its topic is less contemplated and serious, though. Holly Hunter does the voice of ElastiGirl - she must have one of the sexiest voices out there. Gotta love that subtle lisp...yummy ;)

Pixar recently reinvented the short pre-featured musical appetizer flicks of the 40's and 50's - this one stars a sheep that loses and eventually rediscovers its self-confidence. Loved it.

I give "The Incredibles" 4½ out of 5. Only thing that subtracts is a very mild annoyance at the underlying political correctness that isn't exactly in-your-face, but still seeps through a bit, I think. Maybe the coming split with Disney will provide that extra pinch of topical edge and experimentation. Let's hope so.


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