Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nostalgia hurts...and thrills too

My little son, Thor, turned 1 year this past Saturday. Not that he cared about that even remotely. He's more into food, and strange objects, and flipping the pages of books. But, anyway, the familiy got together and liked to think that he was thrilled about his birthday. My gilfriend is a bit of a birthday fetichist so it was actually very much fun!
I actually had to leave in the afternoon because our 10 year high school reunion needed to be attended, up north. Jesus, what a party. Stepping into the great hall was really weird. Packed with people I hadn't seen in ages. The food was nice and I give shoutouts to the X-class which seemingly attempted collective suicide by drunkeness. Paid off nicely, that did.
Sunday was living Hell and I was overcome with nostalgia about past events. I rarely feel that way but this time I realised just how much I had missed those folks. Or maybe the freedom of back then. On the other hand, the atmosphere of the party was surely that of a mature audience. People had grown up and abandoned their teenage insecurities. The pretty girls from back then were a stunning 29-30 years now. The guys were more relaxed and less competetive. Everyone had something interesting to say, more or less.

Really great evening - and just a bit painful, too

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