Thursday, September 29, 2005

A shift in the force

It's been a plan to move out as a company for a long time now. Last week it finally happened. We finally received our corporate tables - covered with a nice Ferrari red car lacquer - and the past week and a half we've been inhaling madly dangerous fumes while waiting for the damned things to harden properly. They look awesome, though. I have no images as yet, but we actually did a visualization which can be seen on the webpage, if you wait a bit (the flash film eventually gets there). It was pretty accurate, to our great surprise ;)

The feeling is nice - and we've scaled up the marketing approach to everything. So far we have a couple of orders, but it's anyone's guess whether we will keep it up. Anyone interested should contact me - we need help!
By the way, check back on the company webpage regularly - we're working on some pretty cool effects and gimmicks. Should be set to launch soon.

Other than this I just bought a new bike, so that I can transport myself around - and not least little Thor. Going around Aarhus with him in his little seat is practically murder, since he weighs a good 13 kilos now. I've never wished for Denmark to be flatter, but...*uummphh*...!

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