Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Brilliant and unexpected

In some abstract sense, I (we?) have always missed such a "tool" or just a method of identifying melodies stuck in our brains. I never dreamed that it would come as a web service.


Mads said...

I tried it. Couldn't make it match any of the tunes I whistled, hummed, sang. This is evidence that (a) the system doesn't work, (b) none of the songs are in the database or - more likely - (c) that my melodic abilities are less than stellar. Good thing I was alone in the office.

Anyone got it working?

Rasmus said...

Truth be told, I haven't tested it yet :)

What great tunes did you attempt to hum?

Jesper said...

I must say I am not particularly impressed with the functionality. Eventhough, admittedly, I stressed it with 3 not so mainstream hits from the sixties and seventies...adding complexity by using the whistling technique!
1) 'Let's fly' with good old blue eyes gave me Avril Levigne with the number one,indifferent, smashhit 'Girlfriend'
2) Mildly annoyed I went on to Tommy Steele's classic 'I've got a handful..' which gave me the maritime single with William Finn 'Set those sails'...
3) 'Fell like dancing' with Leo Sayer gave 'Andogyny' with Garbage
4) Already in a better mood, I finished off with MJ's 'bad' - notoriously difficult to whistle - the result is in my mind certainly more a result of the young developers age, rather than the ineptness of my volcal cords. 'F**ck me gently' with Tenacious G...
We are not amused!