Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What I'm payed for

Here's a list of stuff I need to relate to in my new job:

IBM VisualAge Generator (v.4.5)


NetOp Remote Control
This gadget works a charm, actually - although I have no clue how complicated it is to configure. Danware.

Reflection for IBM

Mainframe connectivity/emulation software. We use it to access what we program, as users.

Mainframe connection app. We use it to access what we program, as nerds.

Lotus Notes (v. 6.5.4)
The user interface is a disaster - learning curve surpassed only by the slopes of Everest. Still, it is extensive...and covers a lot of ground if you're a medium-large company. This version is from 2003...the new 2008 looks promising, with blog, wiki and web2.0 features integrated.

A test management environment. Seems pretty cool and customizable.

Advanced Query Tool
Used for accessing and checking the DB2 database records on various accounts. Neat little program for the SQL dependant.

Apart from these, Word and Excel are the order of the day - of course.

I'm also getting very much into productivity tools, thanks to my favourite site at the moment, Lifehacker.
Through it, I stumbled upon the best app of the year.
I even integrated it into the remote VisualAge development through NetOp that I need to do every day. Mouse scrolling bliss restored remotely..!

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