Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My cartoon dreams

When I was a teenager, I thought seriously about becoming a cartoonist. I have always been doodling a lot, although it has dwindled ever since I started studying.
Sites like Flight, Insanely Twisted and the blog of Michel Gagné make me wish I had started properly back then.

Still, I guess I always found cartoons a fun pastime, not an obsession. And I think you need to be almost obsessed to make a living off it. I remember attending a cartoon convention in Melbourne (or was is Sydney?) back in 1995. At the time, I thought I was getting pretty good but when I saw what some youngsters were creating, I sort of lost heart. Talent be as it may, it mainly requires very high amounts of dedication, practice and maybe also an inspiring environment of like-minded artists or aficionados. Cutting edge cartoons were not readily available in Northern Jutland back then..! :D

I might have a small amount of talent - but I think persistence is more important. I'm not patient enough to be a cartoonist, but I wish I was.

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Mads Pedersen said...

Cartooning doesn't require patience. Just creativity and business cards: