Thursday, September 13, 2007

New developments

On Monday, September 10th, my daughter was born - a big kicker at 4900 grams.
She's, of course, adorable - and very mild-mannered so far. Nevertheless, she does get a bit grumpy when deprived of pacifiers of any sort. :)

There has been so much to do and get in order that I am still fairly knackered - but I'll try to put up some better descriptions soon, along with some photos.
I'm on a short 2-week paternal leave, yet I feel as stressed out as ever!

Here's a couple of shots. Thor is overjoyed as you might suspect from his expression.
And then there is me, at post-op (we had a caesarian). Cute, but I dread the huge turd underneath that hair cap of mine. It sure gives Donald Trump a run for his money.


madspedersen said...

Tillykke, double-daddy!

Rasmus said...