Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today I learned that a good friend of mine, Morten Lindholm, recently passed away - apparently due to brain cancer.
Although we were not all that close, we always had time to stop and chat - and give each other updates on life and mutual acquaintances. We were classmates at university since 1996.
As late as Friday, 3 weeks ago, I thought of him during the 25th anniversary gathering of IMV. Wondered why he wasn't there, actually - since I knew that he still worked on campus.
I feel quite sad. I always thought he was one of the nicest people I knew during my university studies and work.

This coincides with another recent tragedy where one of my Roskilde festival buddies' 7-year-old son also died from some kind of brain tumour. Makes you feel way too fragile.


Bubber said...

Dammm - didn't knew that either. Knew him and have thought of him recently for the same reassons as you Rasmus.


madspedersen said...

Really sad news!

Nekrologen er her:

Rasmus said...

Tak for den, Mads :/