Monday, April 27, 2009 is that

Just got to be an associated editor for the industry website, which is nice - I am thinking it is good to get involved across networks as well as deep into them. We might officially be using VR at Vestas, but really there might only be 3 or 4 people that have an informed opinion of the field as such. The rest are users and to them the tools are (or need to be) transparent. Means to an end.

Now I am wondering what I am supposed to be editing. I was an editor back in the days at my college. Not sure why journalism didn't catch on for me back then. I think there weren't many issues to write it got all wacky. Which was great fun while it lasted, but unambitious and not captivating in the long run. Not in a career sense, anyway.

Nowadays, there's stuff that I finally feel I KNOW something about and which might be worth the effort to put out. I just have to watch my step as far as NDA agreements go. I would like to tell it all, but the company has fairly hard policies on all that, at least when it comes to blatant namedropping. A bit out of tune media-wise, methinks, but then again I know very little about all the legal crap that Vestas has to enforce to protect the brand from parasites.

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