Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bad rhetoric

Whether you agree with his general political stance or not, you have to give props to Rune Engelbreth Larsen when he dissects the political rhetoric of the Danish right. He knows his Cicero! I have the same views on the utterances of the Danish far right as he puts forth.

My beef is not necessarily with the actual values or belief systems, because these have a broader representation in the population. They need a wider contextual analysis to be understood. But the way the Danish People's Party knowingly misrepresent facts by populist rhetorical trickery, is what really annoys me. I find it so dishonest and wicked. Actually, I find it much worse than petty racism, like yelling "Nigga!" at some black person. Because that populist rhetoric is designed to get others to do the yelling. It's like a dumb racist street thug compared to the evil ambition of Hitler.

On a brighter note, spring has hit Denmark and I have a couple of days off from work and kids. Coming up 12.30 pm and I'm still wearing my bath robe. Nice. A couple of hours of domestic chores and then off to enjoy the weather, some beer, and not least the Champion's League.

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