Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Internal affairs dictating

Well, seems that the American public have once again done themselves a great disservice in the eyes of the rest of the world. Four more years of dogmatism, shallowness and disastrous environmental, social and geopolitical policies. I really don't get it. You'd think that Americans would see through all the deceit and spin - after all they should be used to it by now, right?

But, as a blog somewhere stated, how are you going to contest the right wing of America, when 70 million Americans do not believe in evolution. I regret to admit it but I think America is becoming a parody. If not for the egocentric and unbalanced judgements of half its people, then more so for the electoral system which is obviously heinous in its design. If a vote so seemingly clear cut (morally and ethically, that is) cannot even be properly called then there is something fundamentally wrong with the system (both electoral and societal). Problem is, American politics are so full of empty rethoric and commercial spin that noone is ever going to do anything about it - unless states act on their own.

Times like these make me wonder whether democracy is really the answer for nations so big and yet poorly educated as the US. I'd maybe give it a technocratic twist and prevent halfwits from entering Washington. Or better yet have the West coast, the Midwest, and the East coast split up and fight amongst themselves. At least that would leave the rest of the world in peace to pursue their own version of happiness.

Funny thing is, I'm actually not state-of-the-art left wing myself. So the fact that I am surely biased must come from some other fact. Could it be that I am very weary of American political catch phrases that do aboslutely nothing to dissect or evaluate arguments and problem settings? I heard someone mention that Bush had actually truly said: "Senator Kerry is trying to complicate the War on Terror. It's not complex, it's very simple."
That is like a red rag in front of me. Jeez, I wish I had a man of Dubya's intellect leading me. If nothing else it would teach me how to deftly manipulate serious matters into glittery distortions of the truth.

Although I can see John Kerry's shortcomings, I also saw a younger version of him speak on Vietnam - at which point he was very well-formulated and to the point. My guess is, he's not comfortable practising demagogics which is direly needed to shine through on the American media front. So, as Marilyn Manson said in "Bowling for Columbine" Americans ought to look at the media circus of their own society. And get rid of the fear projected from it.

America, you're headed towards some kind of abyss...isn't it time you started realizing that?

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