Sunday, October 31, 2004

Beats of excellence

Yesterday night was great fun when I went with a couple of friends to see Nobody Beats the Beats at Train here in Århus. We got there a bit late, meeting a huge queue outside. For some reason the place had chosen not to open more than one gate to let guests through. That kind of idiocy threatened to ruin our night, but we slipped through the back café using two parts charm and one part agitated criticism. We got inside 20 minutes before the show started - so I hate to think what happened for the other guests outside.

The show was awesome. NBTB is a whole band, I found out, consisting of 10-12 members including the two DJs and the two front rappers. The whole live setup was really well done and gave the hip hop vibe a much deeper level and quality than most other rap shows provide. Context, the main MC, was really on point and bustling with energy which had most of the crowd moving.
Other vocals included the soul singer Linn and at one point Clemens came to the party, adding some Danish anthems. Actually, Aarhus anthems, since he freestyled a lot about things in town - good fun. I usually don't really like him that much - pretentious moron - but yesterday his bad boy attitude actually worked well and was underlined expertly by the musicians. They provided a harder edge when he came on stage.
My only regret during the show was the presence of a couple of very young and very incapacitated fools near us. They saw maybe half of the show and kept messing around so people spilled their drinks and got generally annoyed. Think they saw murder in my eyes, because they moved away a bit after a while. :D

I hadn't been paying much attention to Train itself - but if I had I would have noticed the posters proclaiming the cancellation of Blackalicious. Bad luck. Apparently, a death in the family prevented them from showing. I'm not too buggered, though - since NBTB was in a class of its own last night.

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