Monday, December 08, 2008

Floribbean: Part Serious

Notes from the conference - the only notes, since this was one of the more interesting lectures I attended..!

Virtual Training Simulations & Game-Based
Systems: Large-Scale Adoption Issues

Chair: Amala Sadagic

Training beyond the technical stuff.
Military situation: large people turnover

Training needs: many noobs, new skills, short time frame

System succes criteria:
- large majority adoption (>80%).
- methodical and consistent use.
- 24/7 availability.

Comment: perishable skills issue

Literature: Diffusion of Innovation, Everett M. Rogers

1. innovators
2. early adopters
3. early majority
4. late majority
5. laggards

Opinions on new technology often formed on basis of subjective evaluations received from peers.

Factors on adoption:
1. relative advantage
2. compatibility
3. complexity
4. trialability (-> incremental adoption)
5. observability

Game systems never the full solution. Explore synergies between old and new systems.

Other media: forums, blogs, project diaries, podcasts, etc.

Mandatory deployment w. challenge programs (competitions).

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