Monday, December 22, 2008

Gamer reborn

Looking back at my Florida writings, it looks like something where I would think "Damn, that guy does not seem to get out much...". Eheheh.....

Anyway, back at work and a having a nice and calm December so far. My family and I have been heavily hit by disease but thankfully every instance has only lasted a day or two. It's as if the germs give up on our sad carcasses soon after the initial invasion.

"Fuck this, let's find somebody worth the effort."

So, I spoilt myself buying Fallout 3 in Orlando. Boy oh boy. I am like a child again. Magnificent game. It's not online or filled with bright colours. It's gritty, slow-paced, and foreboding. A real discovery and turn-ever-stone experience, which suits me so well, but with which others might lose their patience. I really think it retains a lot of the original Fallout 1 and 2 atmos, perhaps because it holds on to the concept of "strategic time", be it as passive travel time or in the V.A.T.S. combat system.
I heartily recommend it - yesterday I ran into my first super mutant. Nearly soiled myself...that's the mark of a good game!

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