Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Just a few musings, thinking back on my great trip:

The tipping system is insane, and inflating as far as I can tell. 18% default now.

Great vertical processes (queues, service systems, ways of organising events).

Really poor horisontal processes (people know nothing outside their own function).

Services are expensive, goods are inexpensive.

There is no privacy if you are even suspected of a crime (you and your family will be on the local news with names, address, and all).

Open WiFi is abundant...boy, could we learn from that.

Orlando, Florida is all but devoid of birds. I saw 1...and heard maybe 3. By the end of the week it felt kind of spooky. As if they were all ganging up somewhere, waiting for us to let down our guard. I actually saw more chipmunks than birds.

A particular Dane is stupid enough to buy a new glittery keyboard, oblivious to the fact that layout is still different based on country. Yes, that has not been standardised, you idiot. In fact, I only just realised this writing this very post to test the damned thing. Very nice, mac-like, bluetooth.....and all wrong. MORON!
This is where Apple-induced vanity will get you...

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