Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Chattering on

I've just finished Terry Pratchett's latest Discworld novel "Monstrous Regiment". Well, actually it might not be his latest, since he's putting out titles aimed for kids now, too. Good call - I'd have been thrilled to read him as a youngster. Anyway, I came across a nice choice of wording, of which he is always in ample supply:

Stopping a battle is much harder than starting it. Starting it only requires you to shout 'Attack!' but when you want to stop it, everyone is busy.

Nice picture for the very Mad King George to think about, now that Iraq is trying to locate its own maimed corpse.

On a lighter note, the past weekend saw Arsenal lose to Manchester United in the Premier League. I didn't see the match but I'm a regular "customer" at Arseblog and the bitching and moaning was quite hilarious these past days! Of course, the referee is always centered as the culprit...although they've a convincing point on his suspicious statistical record as far at United penalties go.

The other night there was a nice October fog drifting in from the sea - so I decided to go outside and shoot some pictures with my new HP Photosmart R707 digital camera. It does some really nice long exposures that bring out the colours and actually make night shots fairly good, in spite of its casual appearance. Some of its settings are automatic, though. Probably better that way. Some of the shots below:

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