Sunday, October 24, 2004

Look out for the barries...

Sitting here on a miserable Sunday, weatherwise. Put on some tracks with a group called Little Barrie that I discovered by accident at Soulstrut. This shit is so cool, I can't understand we don't hear more of it. Don't youngsters of today appreciate the essential coolness of such vibes? Has the world gone mad?
I mean, everything from disco through 80's synth pop through garage has had a great revival during the nineties and up till now. Why is this soulish funk not more prominent? I think it has it all - dance quality, improvisation, edge, harmony, you name it.
I guess Tarantinos flicks actually did quite a lot to revive such just blew over too soon, me thinks...

Highly anticipating the Little Barrie album which should drop any time now. They sound very authentic (although the drums are more eclectic, I think) and I guess they have a love for this kind of music that could carry them through without becoming a parody on times lost.
Hard to find any material on them, though. They seem to come out of Manchester - but I haven't been able to find a website that writes more than a couple of lines about them.

My son fell asleep almost instantly whilst head-nodding to LB, so I guess that's a quality mark in itself. At least for that age group =)

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