Friday, October 22, 2004

Peeking out

Went to a local gig featuring The Datsuns yesterday night. I felt like going out a bit, listening to music. I've only heard The Datsuns a little bit the past couple of weeks, but I actually like the simplicity of it. Two guitars, drums and a bass. Deal with it.

Sadly, the crowd wasn't very big. I had expected more than a couple of hundred - especially since they've had rave reviews of their live acts. It didn't seem to bother them too much though. I was actually quite surprised how professional and tight they did the show. They don't look all that old actually, but it shines through that they've come directly from millions of gigs and really enjoy the live situation in itself, regardless of the surroundings. The finish was superb - the lead singer lost control and started banging the drums. Great stuff.
Credit to Voxhall for near perfect sound. Somehow I always find voices a bit muddled (might be my low-key tinnitus kicking in) but the ambient sound and instrumental balancing were spot on yesterday.

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