Thursday, October 28, 2004

More on game design

Today I finalized the arrangements surrounding a guest lecture taking place at Katrinebjerg here in Aarhus. The speakers are Lars Kroll and Jan Roed from the small Aarhus-based game design company Runestone.
They'll be talking about their upcoming game "Seed", which so far looks as an innovative take on the MMORPG genre. I attended their recent reception at their office in Filmbyen, a brand new media housing complex located by the harbour here i Aarhus.

Although I didn't get a formal presentation of Seed, it seems to be a MMORPG that doesn't depend on the combat system as its main feature, but takes up the atmos of older adventure-like games. Its cartoonish cellshaded look and feel had me reminded of the good old SCUMM-games of LucasArts - even if the contents are obviuosly geared towards multiplayer communication and exploration.

Look forward to hearing about the concept - it seems genuinely creative, unlike other MMORPG spinoffs. It takes place in the Benjamin building of Katrinebjerg on Thursday, November 18th at 09.30.


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