Friday, October 15, 2004

Small world, for sure

Through a blog's reference to another blog's links section, I suddenly found myself looking at an old friend's weblog . Very odd sensation. I mean, I knew he has a webpage, but it's just weird to "step out" a few nodes, and then all of a sudden end up somewhere unexpected, but familiar. Also, his weblog pointed to another old friend' I've essentially rediscovered an entire section of my past through just a few mouse clicks. Heavy, man.

Anyway, great to "see" the chaps again - and I'm not the least surprised, that they're active in this field of play. I think the term "culture geeks" might describe both of them pretty well - although it's at least a few years since I saw either of them. Hopefully, they'll rip my head off in the comments section...

1 comment:

dalager said...

Nah, I'll skip the ripping off of heads. For now :-)
And, eh, welcome to the sane, safe and sound world of echoes: I bring you .... (drumroll) ... theeeee BBbbbbbblllllooooogoSPHERE!!!