Sunday, October 10, 2004

Flip the technique

I've been able to customize one of the templates quite a bit. Took a fair amount of time figuring the CSS logic out, though. I've never used neither CSS, PHP, ASP or any of the other abbrevations that are readily available out there.
However, I finally think I've got CSS figured out more or less...and I guess 3-4 hours work to do so is not too bad. Good to know one can stay potentially sharp (if not more) as far as these things go...

I have added som personal stuff to the sidebar - or rather, I'm ready to do so. A bit of javascripting will provide some small popups, that will relate tidbits of my interests. So far this has all been almost therapeutic and quite enjoyable...especially because I'm motivated on my own behalf....think that matters a lot...

My random surfing brought me past these beauties - of course they're Swedish. I think they might be on to something here. I always thought that dust and muck showed up much more on plastic surfaces than on wood.

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